Labor and employment laws affect the entire legal relationship between employers and employees, from the initial application and interview process expanding into every aspect of daily operations, including job descriptions, wages, promotions, reviews, terminations, benefits, mergers and acquisitions, and the successful resolution of disputes alleging discrimination, harassment and unfair labor practices. Because the myriad of laws that apply to the labor and employment relationship exist at all levels of government -- federal, state, county and even city -- making sense of these often conflicting legal requirements is more of a challenge than ever for employers. Knowing what to do and when to do it is The O’Neal Firm’s core competency.

The O'Neal Firm provides a comprehensive range of labor and employment law counsel and representation to emerging and established business owners. Because of our experience, we are able to offer employers advice and defense in all the increasingly complex areas of labor and employment law. We zealously defend and conscientiously counsel employers in the full range of labor and employment matters.

The O'Neal Firm is uniquely qualified to represent not only employers, but also employees. We are effective advocates for individuals because we understand the complex issues employers consider when making personnel decisions. Because we know just what drives business owners to resolve employment disputes, we excel at obtaining favorable results for our employee clients as well as our business owner clients.